An audio guide to surviving the winter blues

by Goodnight Moonlight

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Five songs to keep you warm during the winter.
Best to listen to whilst drinking tea, covered in blankets. Sounds best in combination with rain pattering against the windows.

All songs have been written, performed and recorded by me, on one particularly lovely evening in November.

The image was taken by Eva Burgering, and the guy on the left is my good friend Brian Murphy, who plays in a band with me called Dog Food.

Released on Coaster Records


released November 9, 2014



all rights reserved


Goodnight Moonlight Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Goodnight Moonlight started as the jangly pop project of Jasper Boogaard, but after acquiring a live band, the project turned into a band. After releasing 5 EP's they are now working on their debut album.


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Track Name: let's say goodbye to the sun for good
You're like a stroke of paint on a van Gogh painting,
it only looks like you blend in from afar.
You're like a piece of the roughest sandpaper as strong as a rock and as frail as a scar.
You smell like a woman and you sweat like a man, you're making me cry, again and again.
Take me down, cause I've got something for you.
Track Name: lady grey (we can't do everything)
I banged the drums
I wanted noise
I banged the drums created a voice
the neighbours woke and danced along
the light of the crooked disco balls

Lady Grey please stay
I'll send some honey in your way
The smell of books and strong cigars
have left the room with solely scar
the treasure on the treasure map
has not been found let's not forget
the polished compass on the wall
shows us there's still something ahead

- then I messed up -
Track Name: everyone is complicated
You're like a stone
always alone
but what's inside
have you got something to hide?

You're not that simple
you can't be that easy baby now
everyone is just as complicated
everyone is just as complicated

I need somebody
to tell me how I feel
so we can empathize and I can
tell you how I feel