Mountain Boy

by Goodnight Moonlight

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Goodnight Moonlight's fourth EP entitled Mountain Boy. Seven songs about longing to be the best version of yourself, escaping from society by swimming naked in a lake in Scandinavia, or the feeling you get when you have just purchased new clothes and you are full of self-confidence. Recorded in April/May 2015, partially during the holiday when he was chillin' out with his girlfriend while his parents were on vacation.





released June 18, 2015

All songs written, recorded and performed by Jasper Boogaard
Photograph by Kamiel Scholten
Released on Coaster Records (CSTR005)
Special thanks to: Lil' Papi & Bae



all rights reserved


Goodnight Moonlight Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Goodnight Moonlight started as the jangly pop project of Jasper Boogaard, but after acquiring a live band, the project turned into a band. After releasing 5 EP's they are now working on their debut album.


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Track Name: Mountain Boy
Cycling home at 4 AM, drunken singing in the streets
listening to the microphones, woolen socks are on my feet
Lie in bed with lady grey, cozyness not far away
fall asleep, and wake up quick, anything just makes me sick

I’m just trying to be something that I’m not and never been
I just wanna live forever be in touch with everything
Mountain boy is peaceful and sometimes I want to be like him
He is me and I am something that I’m not and never been too

Every day is such a drag, leaving everything behind
Money isn’t tight today, but that doesn’t make me kind
I need you to live my life, but that is not how it should be
Everyone expects me to, be how they might think I’d be
Track Name: I Never Want To Die
everybody wants to be something but I
I’m sitting inside slowly losing my mind
I don’t ever want to be something but I
I’m better off living my lazy life

And I’m scared of losing my friends
Always playing in indie bands
And I never ever want to die
“cause I’d be leaving you behind

Spring is finally over and the glow is gone
My baby and I are gonna hate the sun
Cause it’ll be hot and steamy inside
While we’re lovin’ tenderly on your side
Track Name: I'm Okay
You keep telling me that I,
should prepare a goal in mind,
But I’d much rather find a wave
And I’ll ride it in your time
Sleeping through insomnia
It’s so hard to keep it light
I work hard to fill me up
Sometimes it just isn’t right

I don’t want to hear from you again
what my future holds this time
I am looking in your eyes my friend
My eyes speak that I am fine

There are people in this place
Who will try to give you haste
They don’t know like you and i
the coffee place right here is fine
I’ll stay here one hour more
We don’t need to find the store
I think we will be okay
Even if there’s just one day
Track Name: Loving Boy
Swimming naked in the lake, girl I’m feelin’ fine
Talk all day ‘bout shitty bands, babe you are mine
I just want to see you, you can do the thinking,
I don’t need to be waterproof, cause this boat ain’t sinkin’

And I am not a therapist at all
And I know I’m not a savior
You deserve a loving boy
Let me do the favor

You’re one of a kind babe, don’t tell yourself otherwise
When I tell you what I feel, I’m not telling lies
Sometimes I’m fucking tired, and I know that’s my own fault
I always do a million things, but not what I’m told
Track Name: Train Station
Something bothers me my mind
Is this something that I’ll find
I just want to meet my girl
Without her my life so dull

I want to make you happy, they’ve got nothing on me
talking ‘bout your parents, they’re not gonna get me
circumstances suck now, I just wanna know how
momma’s gonna go down, losing all her senses.
Track Name: Mountain Boy pt. 2
Mountain boy, you keep hiding underground
You keep saving your own sounds
Just to let me down in something that I am not

Mountain boy, you know something very well
someday you will cast you spell
someday we will not be one, but me just just you

Mountain boy, johnny’s waiting for your call
Watch out don’t let him fall
he’s the one that you’ve been searching all along

Mountain boy, don’t be scared with those new jeans
‘cause I’ll rip them off

Mountain boy, I am ready to move up
I am ready to be something that I’m not

Mountain boy, we are all the same as you
and I know for sure that you are just as me